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Here is what our patients are saying about FortView Chiropractic Clinic:

"Dr. Rodriguez is my 3rd chiropractor in Austin and I am so glad I found her. She mixes a lot of massage and a little bit of acupuncture in with the adjustments to really loosen up the tissue first, which works really well. Before every visit she has a form to fill out with a diagram of the human body and I get to check off where my body hurts. She pays close attention to the progress of those forms every week and uses them to decide which treatment to use that day. She also does energy healing as she works. I started riding horses 6 months ago and all of my injuries that I have accumulated in my life started to resurface. Dr. Rodriguez is helping reshape my body and is putting me back together again. She also includes physical therapy for homework so the entire experience is a great value. Plus the office is always clean and comfortable. You can tell right away there is a lot of care that goes into every inch of the building."

-Eli H.

"Dr. Alexia is the bomb! I have been dealing with a stiffening shoulder with tendinitis for many months now. I was at wits end and couldn't stand the pain and lack of flexibility anymore.

I felt divinely guided to give Alexia a call and set up and appointment. I was definitely not wrong. She worked on my shoulder, which felt better than it has in a long time, but she also some of her other gifts and healing modalities to help me get to the root of my pain and injury.

This is the first visit to a chiropractor and I feel I made the BEST decision for myself! I highly recommend!"

-Renee D.

"Great doctor and staff here. My mother has been receiving services here for her knee over the past several months and has seen significant progress."

-Emma B.

"Alexia was the first chiropractor I have ever been to in my life. I put up going to a chiropractor because I never thought one could fix my problem. Alexia was the best choice I could have made! She was very positive and happy which made my visits very pleasant. Her energy was amazing and her clinic is very zen and cozy... Not to mention how amazing the place smells The receptionist was also extremely kind and professional, which adds on to the positive experience. The place is relaxing and perfect for anyone that needs a good chiropractor;)"

-Adriana Z.

"Initially I went to Dr. Rodriguez because I suddenly had pain in my glutes and couldn't sit for long; a co-worker suggested I see Dr. R. I was scheduled to drive for 6 hrs a few days later so needed immediate relief. Dr. R fit me in for back-to-back visits and thankfully fixed the problem! I went to her expecting just a chiropractor, but she offers much more. Never having had acupuncture I was a little skeptical, but Dr. R. knew what would provide me relief and it sure did. I'm a believer.

Dr. R. takes the time to listen to you, connect with you, and really cares about making you well. I've since returned for lower back pain, neck pain, and tennis elbow. I'm feeling great now and have Dr. R. to thank for getting me on my way!"

-Teresa P.

"Dr. Alexia truly is a gifted healer . If i could give her more than 5 stars i would! As soon as you walk in the door, she knows exactly what the problem is and fixes it (main part!). I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, expert in the field of healing. In my opinion, she's the best in Austin!"

-River L.

"The five stars says it all !! Dr Rodriguez and her massage therapist Teresa Martinez are professional, knowledgable, and overall amazing.! Talking with Dr. Rodriguez was like being with an old friend that knows more about yourself than you do. It was an experience like I have never had before. Dr. Rodriguez does not just treat your symptoms, she does a whole body analysis from the inside out. After just one visit, my hip and lower back were feeling much better and so was my overall attitude. She truly cares about how you feel and getting you better."

-Kristi H.

"First appt. with Alexia and I was running late (ugh). Called to let her know and she was so sweet--told me not to worry and put me at ease. The office isn't super fancy but is really inviting and smells nice. I'd tweaked my back in crossfit and had been under a lot of stress in addition. Alexia was AMAZING. This is by far my preferred chiro technique and I've tried several (traditional, sports med style, ART, etc). She is a level above Reiki Master on top of her chiropractic abilities. Really can't say enough. Since I'm new to Austin, I chose her based on reviews. I can confirm that the positives are all correct!"

-Kelly B.

"Love Alexia! She immediately knew what areas were bothering me and could see issues that I've been dealing with for years. She has been a big help with my headaches and backaches, and also is very accommodating and can adjust her techniques which is great since I'm pregnant. Highly recommended!"

-Carolyn C.

"I feel compelled to add to the positive reviews Dr. Rodriguez has received thus far. I was involved in a car accident with stiffness in my neck and hip areas. I had read through the Yelp reviews and decided to give Fortview Chiropractic Clinic a try based on the reviews. Best decision I ever made! From the get go Dr. Rodriguez is exceptionally personable and disarming. From the moment she felt her way across my back, it became abundantly apparent that she knows exactly what she is doing. She is intuitive, she is gentle, she is kind. I really can't come up with enough superlatives for describing her practice. It didn't take long for her to help with my pain and it took even less time for me to know with certainty that she is the real deal! Do yourself a huge favor and make an appointment, you won't regret it for a second. Anne D."

-Annie D.

"I have been going to see Dr. Rodriguez for over a year now. I originally went to see her after I had bad shoulder pain after a car accident. She has helped immensely in my road to recover from that injury, as well as helped with on going back pain that I have had since I was a teenager. She really listens to you to help find the best methods of treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez to anyone. She really cares about her patients."

-Kevin S.

"I began going to Dr. Alexia Rodriguez and her chiropractic team about 2 months ago when I was having some nagging back problems. They welcomed me and made me feel right at home in their office. Dr. Rodriguez was capable, kind, and patient as she listened to my complaints and developed a path towards my recovery. I feel great and always enjoy my visits; it doesn't feel at all like I'm going to a Dr's appt when I go see Alexia or her team(yoga, massage, etc). Can't recommend them enough, wish I could go a few times a week!"

-Kim A.

"Dr. Rodriguez is as kind as she is intuitive in her healing. She just seems to be able to find what the problem is, then she takes care of it. It is always a wonderful experience to go to her office and have her treat me. Thanks, Dr. Alexia!"

-Susan C.

"Dr. Rodriguez is the most exceptional chiroprator!! Her practice is wholistic healing that truly works. Her technique is gentle, but yet very powerful. She keeps my Scoliosis aligned, helps hip, shoulder, neck pain, as well as stress management. Dr. Rodriguez has helped me in managing headaches, allergies, digestion, etc. Her expertise is the very best. I am forever thankful to her for patiently healing me and my family. Several years ago my husband had several herniated disks in his lower back and a Neurosurgeon recommended surgery. He was treated by Dr. Rodriguez and she healed him. He did not need the surgery."

-Irene O.

"I had my first visit with Alexia recently for a sharp pain in my back getting progressively worse for 3 weeks as well as a few other long term pains. Right when she walked in she called out exactly what was bothering me and I was just sitting on the couch filling out paperwork. She is very intuitive and connects with your mind and body. At one point, I actually thought she was psychic. Shes informative and thorough, not to mention super friendly! She even did a Reiki session for me at the end of my adjustment :) I havent had any pain in my lower back (the reason for the visit) since my visit and much less pain in my long term problem areas. I cant wait until my follow up visit which I am about to schedule. I will only recommend her from now on to everyone having problems."

-Melissa D.

"Alexia just got rid of the enormous pain in my hip and abdomen I've been living with for the last year! Still a little sore but WOW-- it's like I've been given a brand new body.

Going to any other chiropractor would mean racking up costs left and right, along with scare tactics to keep me coming back every week for oodles of money. I'd been through that before, so when Fortview was recommended to me, I was careful to screen out that sort of business right away. That's just not the way Alexia does things at all. She dealt with me honestly, wasn't pushy about any unnecessary or extra procedures, and gave me up front costs-- which she stuck to.

It's unlike any other treatment I've ever been given. Alexia has "the gift," which I define as that unmeasurable quality a healer or health practitioner either has or doesn't. Either they can HEAL you or they can't. She can. She's super gentle. In fact, I kept wondering the whole time "Is this doing anything?" but lo and behold I got up from the table and the pain I've tried everything to get rid of was GONE."

-April K.

"I have been seeing Dr. Rodriguez for at least five years, and all I can do is rave about her and her expertise. She has seen me through back and hip issues and plantar fasciitis. I see her now for regular maintenance, not only of my back, but really my whole well-being. She truly seeks to meet the needs of the mind, body, and spirit.

Before seeing her for my hip pain years ago, I had been to an orthopedic surgeon, and at least one other specialist, both of which did not take the time to fully listen to me explain my issues and who instead were all too quick to provide me with a diagnosis. Alexia on the other hand was so patient when hearing about my physical concerns and my frustrations with having continuous hip pain. She is wonderful at listening to your needs and issues, and open to trying alternative means to meet these needs through diet, exercise, acupuncture, etc.

If you need a holistic chiropractor, she's the one to see!"

-Melissa M.

"If I could put 10 stars I would!!! Dr. Rodriguez is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I call her my wellness doctor because she is more than just a chiropractor. A couple of months ago, I went to her for what I thought was an ear ache (after speaking with her she told me to come in and let her take a look at me). Turns out it was pain from strain in my neck and shoulders! I've had problems with the ear for years and gone to regular docs who would give me antibiotics that of course never solved the problem. Now, no ear problems at all! I still go to Fortview on a regular basis because she has helped me in so many other areas of my body as well. She is incredibly intuitive and knows just what to do for you. I LOVE that she really communicates with her patients and explains what she finds, what she is doing, and how to prevent ailments in the future. Her own techniques are gentle and non intrusive to the body that I never feel like she's cracking me in two. Sometimes the adjustments are so gentle that I don't hear a thing. Love that! I also just attended an event there today called "Clear for the Year" where herself and two other amazing healers gave 30 minute sessions for a really cheap price! It was mindblowing and I still feel wonderful! Can't wait till the next one in February! So, if you need not just a chiropractor, but a caring, communicative, healer, she's the one for you!!"

-Debra M.

"Wow! I have known Dr. Rodriguez as a friend for many years. I came to Dr. Rodriguez for a pain between my shoulders and discovered that she is a true healer. She does not just treat conditions. She treats people!

Her methods are gentle but effective. With her extensive knowledge and empathy she was able to find the real source of my pain and, layer by layer she put me back in optimal condition. The atmosphere is very relaxing, no hard pressure sales, reasonable prices and she really made me feel like I was the most important patient in the world by really listening to me and taking the time to ask the questions that others will not, or cannot. She is also good at explaining things and eager to answer my questions. I must confess, just walking into her office relaxes me and I look forward to each visit."

-CeCe M.

"I have only been seeing Dr. Rodriguez for about two weeks but that is long enough to know that she is totally amazing.

I began seeing her when I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. A few people had suggested that I get acupuncture to assist with relieving the paralysis on my face. I thought why not I had never tried it before and was willing to try anything. I felt right at home when I walked into her office. There was such a feeling of serenity and peace. Dr. Rodriguez was very welcoming and caring. After my first visit I already noticed results and since then, which is less than two weeks, I have seen great improvements in my face and all my friends and family are impressed at my rate of recovery. Not only is my face better but I feel an overall recovery. I feel more grounded than I have in years, not to mention more energetic. Even when all the paralysis is gone from my face I will continue to see Dr. Rodriguez for my overall well being. I know I have said it once but it is worth saying again, she is totally amazing and has made a huge difference in my life!!!"

-Patricia S.

"I was treated by Dr. Rodriguez for nagging pain in my right knee that had been going on for several years. I had been to another chiropractor, an acupuncturist, done various exercises, and even received an MRI. While those measures worked for a short time, no one seemed to be able to tell me what the problem really was.

Dr. Rodriguez evaluated me and told me right away what was wrong. During the first treatment I experienced a lot of relief. She explained everything that she was doing and told me why my specific situation lead to the pain I was experiencing. Now just a few days after the treatment the pain is almost entirely gone.

I really appreciate Dr. Rodriguez's holistic approach, in that she uses not only traditional chiropractic treatments, but energetic healing methods as well. She recommends other professionals for therapeutic massage and charka balancing. I recently attended a tri-healing session that included massage and charka balancing which was wonderful.

I highly recommend Fortview Chiropractic Clinic; the only thing is, I wish that they accepted my specific health insurance, perhaps eventually they will. Even so, it is well worth the cost and I plan to continue to go."

-Jacqueline H

"I love Fortview Chiropractic and Dr. Rodriguez! I've been to different chiropractors over the years and she is by far the gentlest. I used to dread having my back "popped" and all the aggressive adjustments other chiropractors would do. Dr. Rodriguez uses unique techniques that are gentle and intuitive but very, very effective. I have to drive well out of my way to go to her office as I work in Leander but it is worth it! Plus, she has appointments on Saturdays, so no traffic or work hours to worry about. Dr. Rodriguez is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her!"

-Claire M.

"Alexia is such a GIFT to this community!!! Her knowingness allows for the perfect treatment every time you see her. I am not one to go to Doctors on a regular basis-but since I met Alexia she is the only doctor I will need to see. Try her out, you will be amazed I promise! Thank you Alexia..."

-Beth B.

"The gentle, sincere, knowledgeable, high quality, holistic, technique that Dr. Rodriguez uses for Chiropractic care is exceptional and more effective than traditional medicine/abrasive techniques. I know this because in January I was told I needed back surgery to defuse herniated disks in my lower back. I had extreme lower back pain and nerve damage in my left leg and foot. I needed to wear a brace to walk. My wife encouraged me to go to Dr. Rodriguez. I was hesitant because I heard that she did not do traditional Chiropractic care and didn't understand what this meant. At my first visit my initial reaction was ... there is no way that this lovely, petite lady is going to be able to help me. I admit that I was totally wrong in my judgement. Dr. Rodriguez is the absolute BEST ... she is POWERFUL. She totally healed me! I did not have the invasive back surgery. Dr. Rodrigez repaired the nerve damage and severe back pain. I am a believer in Dr. Rodriguez for a lifetime. Her services are a part of my wellness practice forever."

-Michael O.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Rodriguez for almost 6 years now and she is AMAZING! I have followed her to the different practices she has been at and I'm very pleased to see that she has her own clinic now. She is very sensitive to understanding your pain/discomfort and really listens to you before applying her techniques to remedy the problem. Not only does she help the pain/discomfort lessen and eventually go away she also makes sure to show/remind you of pointers on exercises or stretches to do. I could tell that she truly cares about her patients from the first time I meet her and that has not changed at all.

She has helped me with some chronic back/shoulder pain which rarely ever flares up as long as I do my exercises. She has also helped me with some sports injuries that have surfaced as I have gotten a little older. I usually never have to wait for my appointments but if I do it is not very long at all which is a big PLUS! I would and have highly recommend her already to all of my friends, coworkers and family."

-Jeremy W.

"I've been suffering with a chronic tailbone pain for 2 years and thought it would go away eventually. I've never been to a chiropractor before and was pleased to find out that with a few visits at Dr. Rodriguez's office, I was pain free. Dr. Rodriguez's compassionate treatment style and gentle touch made me and my whole body feel at ease. She's great and I highly recommend her!!!"

-Isabel C.

"Dr. Alexia Rodriguez is so caring. She's a "hands on" chiropractor, which I love. She can perform acupuncture and nutrition counseling. This provides a very holistic approach to treating the human body as well as keeping a person healthy."

-Jean B.

"When I relocated to the Austin area I was treated by seven different chiropractors before I found Dr. Rodriguez. She was the first doctor who gave me the quality care similar to what I was accustomed to back home. I love how she uses multiple modalities, kinesiology, trigger point therapy/massage, accupuncture, electromagnetic therapy and chiropractics. She was such a blessing as I recuperated from my first pregnancy and she helped me regain and maintain my optimal alignment.

When I was pregnant with my second child one of my ribs moved and my regular M.D. told me that was impossible. Sure enough Dr. Alexia put that floating rib back in place and I had relief with just one treatment. She was monumental in helping me with my post natal care once again as I recuperated from child birth.

Thanks to Dr. Alexia my baby girl can walk normal. My daughter had an adverse reaction to a vaccine injected into her thigh when she was 15 months old. After the rashes disappeared on her leg/foot her foot turned out to the side 45 degrees and she had a slight limp. Dr. Alexia gave her periodic treatments that consisted: micro stim, massage and muscular rehabilitation, and chiropractic adjustments. Today you would never know she ever had the injury. At the age of five my daughter has also become aware of what it feels like to be out of alignment and when she feels off she asks if we can go see Dr. Alexia.

She treats our whole family and we love her. We are so grateful for her excellent and compassionate care."

-Cara P.

"Dr. Rodriguez is a friendly, caring and professional chiropractor. I trust her completely and have been a patient of hers for 5 years. When I first visited Dr. Rodriguez, I was wary of chiropractors due to a previous bad experience. Dr. Rodriguez was gentle and considerate of my worries and put all of my fears to rest. She has helped me completely get rid of my chronic neck/shoulder pain from a work injury. She has also helped me get rid of chronic headaches! Now that I'm pregnant, I've been visiting her to get relief from hip and back pain associated with the pregnancy. I've recommended Dr. Rodriguez to all of my friends and family. What can I say...she is awesome!"

-Andrea T.

"I don't normally go to chiropractors, because I'm good at self-adjusting. When I feel tension, I can usually pop my back or my joints, and give myself relief. However, when I started developing lower back pain, I was helpless to do anything about it. I visited Dr. Rodriguez, and she adjusted me, helped me do some stretching, and then she developed a plan to strengthen the muscles in my lower back. After several weeks of following her exercise plan, the pain was gone! I highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez - she treats the cause of your problems, not the symptoms. Back pain can be devastating to your life, and many doctors will try to recommend surgery as the cure, but a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy could help you avoid the knife."

-Evans T.